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Our Journey .... So Far


Our Journey So Far....

It all started, like many stories do, in the heart of New York. Bursting with an abundance of great eateries, the food trucks on every corner and an electric atmosphere that makes you not want to go home. 


It was on that trip that the passion for food was ignited, the idea of having the same concept in Australia and specifically Western Sydney was exciting, and seemed like a very enjoyable and worthwhile challenge. 


The plan was to create something that fits into the new and fast growing market of Fine-casual dining, quality ingredients and no compromise on flavour. A quality burger is hard to beat, that is why we ensured that each ingredient sourced was the best that we could find and every component of the burgers delivered the taste sensation we hoped for. 


After developing a menu that we were proud of, the next challenge was to find a location. Blacktown seemed like an easy choice, filled with an abundance of burger lovers and not many options, we saw a great opportunity to fill this gap whilst bringing a unique and fun dining experience. This is the story so far, we are looking to you to help us write the next chapter ...

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