Loaded fries as you never tried before

Any Loaded Fries need to start with a solid foundation, that’s why we use the crunchiest fries around and then season them with our housmade seasoning to elevate them to the next level.

Our truffle fries are then loaded with delicious liquid cheddar, our homemade creamy truffle aioli and beautiful smokey bacon bits, this combination of Ingredients creates beautiful umami flavour that is well balanced and rich at the same time. Our truffle fries have been a fan favourite from the very start.

The cheeseburger fries are loaded with our signature wagyu beef that is full of flavour and melts in your mouth, we then add our liquid cheddar, our famous housemade special sauce, diced white onions, tangy pickles and American mustard. It’s literally a cheeseburger on fries, two of our favourite things and from the feedback also your favourite things.

Loaded Fries have become very popular lately as they essentially provide a whole meal in a nice compact fashion, and who doesn’t love fries? Loading them with all sorts of flavour combinations gives us endless options of different products that we can make.

The team at Burger Room loves to experiment with different toppings on our already delicious fries and this is how many of our creations are born, testing different toppings, sauces and condiments until we find the perfect fit and flavour is a very intricate and delicious process.

So, if after reading all about our loaded fries you are craving some (as we do!) go ahead and place your order!